PostGIS in Action (3rd)
Where the adventure begins

Regina Obe and Leo Hsu are a wife and husband team that founded Paragon Corporation in 1997. Paragon Corporation is a web application and database consulting company with specialty in ASP.NET ,PHP, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, SQL Server and MySQL.

In 2002, they started to dabble in the growing field of spatial analysis and have become active participants in the on-going development of PostGIS. Regina is a member of the PostGIS core development team and PostGIS Project Steering Committee, GEOS project steering committee, pgRouting development team, as well as an OSGEO charter member.

Leo and Regina are the current maintainers of the PostGIS Bundle Windows stack builder installs as well as the experimental PostGIS windows binaries. Try the experimental PostGIS and pgRouting binaries if you want the latest patches before they are officially released or you want to try the latest and greatest PostGIS and pgRouting versions in the works.

Through Paragon Corporation, Regina and Leo have helped many clients using PostGIS and other GIS tools. Paragon Corporation takes on projects in a wide range of industries. Past and present GIS-related projects include devising statistics applications for sales, building communities, organizing of labor, pricing of flight travel, fleet scheduling algorithms, X3D walk-thru models, developing applications for emergency response, and hazard area analysis.

Leo and Regina met at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where both studied Mechanical Engineering. Regina received her Bachelor's degree from MIT in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Bioelectronics and Control Systems. Leo received dual Bachelor's degrees from MIT; one in Mechanical Engineering and one in Economics with a minor in Finance. He went on to receive a Master's in Engineering of Economic Systems from Stanford University.

They have been living and working together in Boston, Massachuseetts since 1994. They host 2 satellite sites: BostonGIS which focuses on providing information and tips on using standards compliant and open source GIS tools and Postgres OnLine Journal where they chronicle their adventures with PostgreSQL and provide tips and techniques for getting the most out of PostgreSQL Object Relational Database Management System (ORDBMS).

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