PostGIS in Action (2nd)
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PostGIS in Action: (ed. #2) Chapter 16 - Enhancing SQL with add-ons

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In this chapter will cover pgRouting 2.0+ and some of the key functions used for building routing applications. We'll also take a tour of popular non-standard procedural languages often used in conjunction with PostGIS and how to install them, install additional libraries, and use them.

  • pgRouting
  • PL/R: Charting, converting PostGIS geometries to spatial data frames, installing R libraries
  • PL/Python: accessing network resources, using web services, installing Python libraries
  • PL/V8 aka PL/Javascript: building raster map algebra call-back functions, using javascript libraries, PostgreSQL prepared statements in javascript

Stay tuned for our next book pgRouting: A Practical Guide published by Locate Press due out in hard-copy 4th quarter 2017. Content is now feature complete and can purchase e-Book draft and get final when goes to print.

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