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PostGIS in Action: PostGIS Online SQL tutorials

PostGIS in Action: PostGIS Online SQL tutorials

PostGIS Online is a project started by Nicklas Avén.

This site will allow you to dynamically try PostGIS SQL statements on line without even installing PostGIS. You can try some of the examples in chapter 2 of our book that are self standing examples and watch these dynamically displayed on a map.

For example type in an SQL statement such as:

SELECT ST_GeomFromText('POLYGON((-0.25 -1.25,-0.25 1.25,2.5 1.25,2.5 -1.25,-0.25 -1.25), (2.25 0,1.25 1,1.25 -1,2.25 0), (1 -1,1 1,0 0,1 -1))') As the_geom

Then click the Map 1 button and watch as the geometry is drawn on the screen.

Stay tuned for our next book pgRouting: A Practical Guide published by Locate Press due out in hard-copy 4th quarter 2017. Content is now feature complete and can purchase e-Book draft and get final when goes to print.

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